We are a team of healthy nutjobs who are working tirelessly and enthusiastically helping our audiences eat better, move more, get enough sleep, manage stress, regularly visit their doctors, get recommended health checkups, quit smoking and/or consume alcohol in moderation.

When we live in a neighborhood where healthy choices are immediately available, it is easier to make good decisions about the foods we eat and how we spend our leisure time.

And when our neighbors and friends are making healthy choices, we can’t help but become inspired! Once everyone becomes motivated to make healthy choices, our community becomes physically and psychologically healthier and more resilient to unhealthy influences and threats in our broader society.

Mi Hub has been inspiring our audiences to make healthier choices since its inception last year. We ensure to provide information that is very useful to support community efforts in workplaces, clubs, schools, nonprofit and local government groups in improving access to nutritious foods and safe physical activity.