Amazing Cuff Bracelets History That Will Shock You

It is difficult to say in which part of the world or country the cuff bracelet was born. The history of this adorable decoration extends from several thousand years BC, covers the middle Ages and continues today. Almost in every culture in all corners of the globe, one can find a semblance of a cuff bracelet for an outfit or another. Cuff bracelets were a popular accessory in ancient Egypt and China, and in America it was worn by the Incas and Maya.

So, on the wall paintings of ancient Egypt there are images of pharaohs, whose wrists are decorated with wide colorful bracelets consisting of parallel vertical bands of precious stones or glass. In Mayan culture, a cuff bracelet was a precious attribute of royal attire and an important indicator of social status. This adornment was a solid, hard and, as a rule, wide bracelet, made in the style of minimalism, most often of metal. He was allowed to be worn exclusively by kings.

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Maltese crosses from the Sicilian duke. The history of the cuff bracelet cannot be reproduced without mentioning the name of the consummate Coco Chanel.

Fashion industry sets the fashion trends. The style is in the details and accessories. Accessories are no longer just jewelry; it is an opportunity for self-expression, the opportunity to be fashionable and bright, while remaining true to its style. Pair of bracelets is jewelry with a rich history, the chip collections of modern fashion designers.

Bracelets amulets, amulets

People wear this accessory for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians were famous for their magnificent jewelry, and now, it can be seen that almost all celebrities wearing jewelry are getting used to it too. Paired bracelets of gold or beads were worn by men and women of different ages and social status. Such jewelry could be worn in several pieces, including on the legs. Amulets with a scarab beetle were valued as the strongest.

The Indians wrists were considered one of the centers of the flow of energy in the body, according to tradition they covered a wide bracelet. It was important to choose the right color and decorative elements, because the functions of the amulet were laid in it. Almost any material could be used from traditional leather to suede. But the color of the decor had a special meaning, yellow to luck, confidence, black to stability, reliability, shades of green to financial well-being and pleasant acquaintances, blue to travel. The bracelet decor from seashells transfers the energy of the bracelet itself onto the owner.

In the culture of the ancient Celts, women’s paired bracelets were worn both as decoration and as a sign of their own kind. These masterpieces of craftsmanship were made of gold, silver, precious stones, the skin of wild animals, corals. Spirals, knots, cross in every intricate pattern, ornament there was a hidden meaning. Ancient Slavs made paired bracelets amulets from various materials precious metals, fabrics, embossed leather, and glass. The most popular material was copper. It was customary to wear jewelry jewels over light clothing on both hands. Noble families wore ornaments of gold and silver. It was also customary to give these bracelets as engagement gifts.

From that time and on the continuation of hundreds of years the accessory has changed, and its purpose has changed from an amulet, a talisman, it has become a fashionable adornment brightly and expressively complementing any image. Although today, jewelry made of precious metals and stones emphasizes the social status of the owner, but fashion democratically allows you to choose jewelry for every taste and budget.

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And what is relevant?

Let’s try to figure out how to properly wear a bracelet, scrolling through the photo collections of modern machine-produced bracelet. Fashion shows are an object for the study of fashionistas of the whole world, for whom clothing is not just protection from weather conditions, but something more.

The designer of the fashion house Marni demonstrated closed, layered outfits. Emphasis on a combination of bright colors and a variety of textures. Mesh dresses over tops, tunics made of coarse materials. Chip collection of plastic closed pair bracelets in the form of alternating 3-4 squares of black, yellow or gold colors.

The motive of the summer 2016 collection of the Italian house Alberta Ferretti was the idea of a safari and hot desert. Feminine, airy maxi dresses in brown and black colors, safari costumes. White chiffon blouses with ethnic patterns. Accessories of leather woven belts, on the hands you can see massive paired bracelets.

Chanel cruise collection – fireworks of colors, experiments with fabrics, styles

Focus on parts and accessories. Bracelets, tiaras, light and airy fabrics with floral motifs, a special style all evoke associations with Arabic culture. The recognizable element adorning the wide bracelet is two interlaced letters “C”.

The elegance, comfort and naturalness of her outfits required accents. They could be cheap accessories and jewelry. The icon of the style of the twentieth century for the first time dared to tell the world that there should be a lot of jewelry, because it is nothing more than a detail of a costume, a kind of decorative element that should decorate its owner, and not cost a fortune, being an insurance in case of extreme need.

Coco Chanel had a wide variety of precious jewelry, presented to her by high-ranking lovers. However, diamond necklaces and fancy bracelets did not always fit into her images. Fate brought her to an aristocrat from an ancient family of dukes. Drawing attention to his extraordinary approach to creativity, Mademoiselle Chanel invited him to think about the new design of her classic jewelry.

The Duke of Verdura offered his extravagant, by the standards of that time version cuff-bracelets with stylized Maltese crosses. They say that Fulko’s source of inspiration was a joint journey with Coco Chanel in Europe. They were fascinated by the luxury and simplicity of Byzantine and Maltese motifs, which was reflected in the creation of religious jewelry. A jewel with large shining precious and semiprecious stones, made in the Byzantine style, made a real revolution in jewelry and became so popular that Coco Chanel, together with Verdur, discovered the jewelry line of this stylistic direction.

A stylish embodiment of the cuff bracelet in the Celine cruise collection

Modern fashion trends were put on the pedestal of the topical stuff-bracelets only in 2011. The Celine Cruise Collection of the World Fashion House has demonstrated a beautiful and at the same time simple tandem of jewelry, consisting of a metal choker-necklace and paired bracelets. Since that time, and now for several seasons in a row, cuff bracelets have been at the forefront of fashion jewelry stores, which stylists predict for their continued fame. Experts also say that these stunning bracelets can be given as gifts.

Modern bracelet cuff solutions

Decorating your wrists with a cuff bracelet in 2013 is trendy. The unprecedented popularity of this type of jewelry is vividly demonstrated by images of Hollywood celebrities who flaunt their exclusive accessories.

Cuff bracelet can be the indispensable jewelry that clearly marks your style and emphasizes your individuality. The designer variety of wristbands is endless in terms of shape, size, material and structure. Modern cuff bracelets are made of leather, silver, gold, copper and their joint variations. A well-chosen cuff bracelet will undoubtedly attract admiring attention to your image and become its accenting detail. We offer you to choose a decoration with the trend variations of 2013.

Metal Bracelets

Metals are the most flexible material for creating bracelets. Cuffs of various metals are usually performed in two fashionable solutions, classical and fantasy forms. The first ones are more often created on the basis of silver and gold, the second from non-ferrous metals, which rarely imitate precious ones. Metal bracelets given as friendship gifts can be the greatest feat you can do with your best friend.