Do you know what a Kigurumi is?

If you didn’t know before, you’ll wish you did after you read this article!

Kigurumi is a onesie, but a onesie you’ll definitely want to own. When you look at these, you’ll understand why no one can take themselves too seriously when wearing one of these adorable animal costumes.

Expectedly, the Kigurumi trend has roots in Japan, and the word itself means “wearing a plush toy.” One of the most popular onesie companies in Asia makes all the Kigurumi you see on our website. That’s why our onesies will always stand out in a crowd – the incredible attention to detail shows on their faces, tails, and ears, and makes them utterly memorable.

All Kigurumi you see here consist of incredibly soft materials that make them absurdly comfortable. All of our onesies are loose-fitting, so you can wear as many layers as you need under them. You can even wear these onesies over your winter clothes, a jacket, or a coat.